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Categories of Water Damage

Clearly, not all water damages are similar. Each and every water damage is unique and requires exclusive treatment. It is, however, vital to know the difference between different water damages in order to fix the damages.

Here, we have mentioned the standard differences between the different categories of water damages. These differences are clearly described in the IICRC’s S-500 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Water Damage Restoration. Also, if you still have any questions or queries, feel free to drop in or call the water damage professionals in Pacific Palisades.

Broadly speaking, there are three categories of water damage. Take a look at the following vivid description of these three categories:

1. Clean Water

Clean water category refers to a source of water that contains no harmful substance that can be classified as a threat to humans and pets. The water here is uncontaminated and not harmful when ingested or consumed. The only time, perhaps when it becomes harmful is when the water is left standing on the property for long, leading to damaging property and other valuables. Plus, standing water can also encourage mold growth. Therefore, in order to avoid such consequences, it is advisable to call water damage restoration experts in Pacific Palisades immediately.

Clean water damages usually occur due to plumbing failures such as broken pipelines, bursting of frozen pipes, and overflowing of sinks or tubs.

2. Grey Water

Unlike clean water, grey water category refers to a source of water that does contain significant contamination and does have the potential to cause sickness and discomfort to humans and pets. The water here is contaminated and contains harmful microorganisms and nutrients for microorganisms, in addition to other harmful organic and inorganic matter. Obviously, grey water damages require immediate attention of the experts, and hence, it is pertinent to call the experts as quickly as possible in order to fix these damages.

Generally speaking, the sources of grey water damages include (but not limited to) overflowing dishwashers and washing machines, overflowing toilet bowls, broken aquariums and punctured water beds.

3. Black Water

Black water category refers to a source of water that is grossly contaminated and contains powerful pathogenic, toxigenic, and other harmful agents. Since this water is dangerous, it can cause illness and even death to anyone who consumes it. Fixing a black water damaged property is profoundly significant, which is why you need quick assistance from Pacific Palisades water damage restoration experts who can come to your facility anytime. Get in touch with emergency water damage professionals in Pacific Palisades today who are available 24×7 and 365 days a year, including on weekends and public holidays.

Sources of black water damages include sewer backups, sea water, rising water from rivers, wind-driven rains such as hurricanes and tropical storms.

It is impossible to detect any particular category of water damage through naked eyes. You need specialized equipments and skills, and therefore, require professional help from the experts. Call Pacific Palisades water damage experts on 310-589-4440 today!